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Ordinary People and Great Minds: Changing Our Communities

As we wake up every morning and get ready to engage our day's activities, we try as much as it is possible to remember what someone once said: That great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events and that small minds discuss people. If we are going to be productive each day that we wake up, we want as much as it is possible to remember that as we interact with people either virtually or physically, we should remember to discuss ideas. If it's not such a great day, it would be okay for us to discuss events but not people. No matter the circumstances, we are not going to stoop low as to engage in discussing people. To avoid negativity and yet make a fair contribution to our community's well-being, we agree that it is in our best interest and that of our community to endeavor to discuss ideas that will change our communities positively. Let us examine our individual development and ways we can impact the world in which we live. Join hand and let us together make a difference.


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